Austin Orchid Exchange was inspired years ago in 2011 when a friend called me after a dinner party she had at her home.  She staged her house with beautiful blooming orchids.  When the blooms faded she was going to throw the plants away, but instead called me and asked if I would take them.  When she brought them to my house, she told me if I rebloomed them, she would buy them back from me.  So, it was then that I got inspired, and thought of the idea, and name of an orchid shop that rebloomed orchids.  I hated the thought of people throwing away perfectly beautiful orchid plants, but I also understood the time, commitment, know how, and space, it took to own a bunch of orchids, and to continuously try and rebloom them in a home.  

"When I walk in a room full of plants, the room feels alive, warm, inviting, and happy. "

Vanessa Luckie, Owner

Our Greenhouse

We have a full functioning greenhouse with a variety of orchids and plants.  We use our greenhouse for reblooming, housing, staging, and bringing struggling plants back to life!  We have created the optimal growing conditions for the plants we carry which ensures healthy, happy, long lasting, and of course gorgeous plants year round.


Vanessa Luckie

My love for orchids started when I was just starting college.  I saw one in my dad's home and was immediately drawn to how beautiful and delicate it was.  I bought one for my apartment immediately when I return to college, and it sat for years as I moved from apartment to apartment in college, and it never rebloomed.  Then, one day as if by miracle, a bloom spike appeared.  23 years later, each reblooming plant still intrigues and excites me like the first plant I saw as a teenager.  I’m still giddy every time one of my plants goes into bloom.  I've killed and rebloomed many orchids, all species and types over the years.  I have plants that are 15+ years old.  I think the thing that surprises people the most, is how long orchid plants actually live, and how long they bloom and rebloom.  I also feel like the biggest misconception people have is when the orchid blooms die, then the plant is dead as well.  Some orchid plants can take years to bloom when grown from seeds.  So the idea that they often get thrown away after a bloom cycle is painful to hear.


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