Orchid & Plant Arrangements

We strive to be the premier orchid arrangement provider in Austin. All of our arrangements are unique and can be completely custom, or let us take the reins and curate a beautiful and unique arrangement for you. Each arrangement comes with detailed care instructions to keep your arrangement looking the best it can, for as long as it can.

How to Order


Customize your Arrangement

To get started, select from the sizes below. Next, you can choose the orchid colors and pot style, or leave it up to the designer.


Check your Inbox

Once you submit your inquiry, one of our designers will contact you to complete your purchase via email.



Once made, your custom-made arrangement will be carefully delivered to your desired location, in the Austin area.


The Cutie


5”-6” Curated pot with 1-2 orchid plants and 1-2 mini plants. This arrangement can be designed by our team or semi-custom.




7”-9” Curated pot with 2-3 orchids 2-4 spikes, plus 1-3 mini plants. This arrangement can be designed by our team or semi-custom.




8”-12” Curated pot with 3+ orchids 3+ spikes, plus assorted plants. This can be designed by our team or semi-custom.




This is a fully custom arrangement. You work with the designer to create your perfect arrangement. Contact AOE for more details.


Gift Cards Now Available

Still not sure what to get? We've got you covered! Gift cards are now available. Email us for more details.


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