Austin Orchid Exchange offers a wide range of services. 


Orchid & Plant Arrangements

We strive to be the premier orchid arrangement provider in Austin.  All of our arrangements are unique and can be completely custom, or let us take the reins and curate a beautiful and unique arrangement for you.  Each piece comes with detailed care instructions to keep your arrangement looking the best it can for as long as it can. 

Orchid Exchange

We love orchids and know how amazing it can be to have a constant stream of blooms in your home. It elevates your space and room, with a centerpiece of exquisite beauty. With our orchid exchange program, you can have everlasting orchid blooms year-round, and lose the guilt of throwing away healthy plants after they have bloomed. With every arrangement purchase you have the option of doing an exchange at a discounted arrangement price. Contact us for more information and pricing.


Exotic Orchid & Plant Sales

As we have said, we LOVE orchids.  Our passion goes much deeper than just Phalaenopsis.  We regularly have rare and exotic orchids in bloom and for sale from our greenhouse.  We also carry a small offering of exotic plants, including some carnivorous varieties. Join our mailing list, or email us directly to find out our latest offerings.



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